Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's, New Beginning?

People throw around the term soulmate alot, normally they are only referring to a person that shares their interests or that occasionally can finish their sentences.  I thought that maybe someone besides me would be interested to know what it really means, well it's intended meaning anyway.  The term goes back to Plato who wrote that in the beginning (remember you have to turn off the Genesis portion of your brain right now!) human beings had 4 arms, 4 legs, and two faces.  --stop laughing that's not what he meant by two faces lol--  The Gods became jealous of these beings and felt they were too powerful and that someday they could pose a credible threat to Zeus and others on Mt. Olympus, the emphasis was mostly on the fact that the Gods grew jealous because these beings were a true whole who required no mate, everything they required to live out a contented life was issued them upon their birth.  Image for a moment what that means, no searching for love, no wondering if you chose the right person, you would simply be born as one with the person who would complete your life's journey beside you. In certain ways it is very romantic, gives you a feeling of security no doubt.  Myself it seems a little disappointing that there was no search, no hope for what your mate might be, no mystery of attraction, courtship, and trials.

Anyway the Gods came up with a way to fix the creatures that they would be less powerful and not at all a threat to the Gods.  In an act of vengeance Zeus ordered  that the beings being seperated to give them 2 arms, 2 legs, and one face and then scattered the halfs all over the world leaving the new beings to wander the world seaching for their other half..... Their SOULMATE forver.

I came home tonight with the intention of blogging about something funny that happened yesterday but though I feel it is something I have to share something else seems more appropriate tonight (so keep checking back for the funniest true story ever in a couple days).