Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faith 1/22/09

It absolutely amazes me how ....................resilient human beings are! We can survive numerous natural disasters, war, death, disease, starvation, sleep deprivation, physical torture and still by nature want to believe that
good will prevail over evil.. We don't want to believe it, we need to
believe it. We need hope as much as we need air. Human beings need to have
faith in something greater than themselves in order to push on through
the everyday trials we face. When we lose that hope or that faith
nothing can save us, just as when we find that hope we can withstand
impossible conditions and insurmountable odds. I have foolishly placed
my hope in the person least likely to preserve it. I have placed my
fragile faith in the hands of a self proclaimed destroyer and in many
ways have let them banish me to my own private hell.

"For a man with faith, no explanation is necessary. Yet for a man without faith, none would be sufficient!"

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